Providing a mixture of good news stories and also some valuable career lessons. As dedicated recruiters, we know the highest of highs, and the lowest of all-time lows that can be experienced in ANY recruitment process.
The risk in every recruitment process is always the candidates.
As 2018 kicks in to the second part of year, we have taken a moment to reflect on the general recruitment landscape in the hope of sharing some insights into what we are experiencing and how you can position yourself to build the best workforce for now and the future.
Candidates ultimately determine the flow of the market and at the commencement of 2018, we saw a significant tightening of the candidate market. This means less ‘quality’ candidates actively seeking a new position and those who are actively applying are securing a role quickly. Candidates know they have options (and frequently more than one offer) which mean that in order to compete, you need to show your value. 
What do we mean by this? In recent years, we have worked within a market whereby candidates are motivated by more than just the dollar value of their contract. Candidates are now considering other key factors relating to company culture, fit to team and the developmental opportunities organisations can provide.
So how do we work in a market where candidates aren’t demonstrating commitment to a process? Work with candidates as if they were clients, customers or participants.
When you engage recruitment firms, you have a level of expectation that we will keep you informed and included in the process right from beginning to end. Your candidates have the right to expect the same level of commitment from you during your recruitment process.
Managing candidate expectations around an outcome, keeping them in the loop regarding how they are progressing and reassuring them that they are still being considered for the role is vital. Not only does this demonstrate your commitment to them, but it also demonstrates that you are a professional environment and somewhere that candidates know they will be supported should they choose to accept your offer.
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