What is the best way to manage your job search?

In the age of applying online for job opportunities, high volumes of applications to both recruitment agencies and employer job ads are a given. So in light of this, how do you ensure that your resumé doesn’t get lost in the sea of applications?

It is essential to manage your resumé and professional online profile to ensure that you are presenting the very best version of yourself. Here are our top tips on the do’s and don’ts of managing your job search.

  • Do have an easy to read and spell checked resumé
    • With agencies and direct companies receiving so many job applications at the start of the year, you don’t want an over complicated resumé that gets dropped to the bottom of the pile. A simple resumé layout that highlights your most important skills and experience is crucial. Don’t forget to proofread! 
  • Don’t use inappropriate colours or fonts on your resumé
    • Although you want your resumé to stand out from the crowd you must remember your resumé is a professional document, meaning that visually it should look that way as well. 
  • Do have purpose in what you’re looking for and know why you are looking
    • Create an action plan before you start to apply. Know what organisations you would like to work for and which agencies you would like to contact.
    • Being clear and organised on what you want to achieve from your job search will help ensure greater success.
    • Don’t spam apply to hundreds of roles. Think quality over quantity. 
  • Do keep a log on where your resumé has been sent
    • It is important to keep details of where you have sent your resumé and which job boards you’ve registered to. Having this information will save you from being caught off guard when being contacted by a hiring manager or agency contact. 
  • Do contact agencies before applying to them
    • Although this is not always possible, it is good practice. By contacting the agency first, this gives you an initial opportunity to communicate what you’re looking for and understand what they can offer to you. 
  • Don’t stalk recruitment agencies or a hiring manager
    • It is extremely important to follow up, especially when there is a high volume of applicants. A follow up is a clear sign of your interest, however be mindful of the fact that yours is not the only application and that each time you call you’re taking time out of a hiring manager’s busy day. 
  • Do make use of your network
    • It’s great to get referrals through your network however do be mindful of how you are using your network. If you have already been put forward for an opportunity by your agency, reaching out to a connection that works at that firm can hinder the process. 

By following these simple tips you will have a greater ability to stand out from the crowd and help ensure more success in your job search.