Contractor Support

Welcome to our Contractor Support Page, your one stop shop for all your contracting needs and answers.

Introduction to Contracting

Contract work is an attractive alternative to a traditional permanent position that allows you to progress your career in a more flexible way. It can be a great option for many individuals at certain points in their career and can often provide you with a professional edge.

At Altitude we focus on providing a high quality service and the very best contract and interim opportunities in the market. Your success is our success and we’re with you every step of the way to ensure you succeed in your new role.

What is contracting?

Contracting describes a period of fixed term employment where a position can last from one day to several months. You are typically paid on a pre-agreed hourly, daily or fixed term rate and assignments can be full or part time.

PAYG vs ABN Contractors

There are two types of contractors – Pay As You Go (PAYG/TFN) or Subcontracting (ABN/ACN).

For more information on what option suits you, contact us so we can recommend a tailor made solution to suit your personal circumstances.

The benefits to you

  • Flexibility and independence
  • Competitive rate of pay
  • More frequent income stream (if paid hourly or daily)
  • Timesheets are submitted weekly
  • Gain new skills/systems knowledge and enhance your CV
  • Exposure to a variety of sectors and technologies
  • Experience different work cultures and environments with different management styles
  • Bridge gaps between jobs
  • Become more “appealing” to a potential employer than a candidate who is not working
  • Ideal “test bed” when re-entering the workplace
  • Meet new people and expand your network
  • Potential opportunity to travel with international companies.


Online Timesheets

Access the Altitude Online Timesheet portal HERE.

Remember to enter your timesheets weekly. Attached is the Altitude Pay Schedule 2022/2023 Financial Year Download Now

If you have any questions about your timesheets, payslips or payment, please contact Osh Raffel at

Contracting FAQ’s


Your pay will be transferred directly into your nominated bank account fortnightly as per our predefined pay schedule, with payslips/remittance emailed directly to you on the same day.


Your tax file number (TFN) is your personal reference number in the Australian taxation systems. For more information check the ATO website.


Should you not possess an Australian or New Zealand passport or dual citizenship, or Permanent Residency status, and plan to work during your stay in Australia, you will need to obtain a work visa prior to your arrival in the country. The type of visa you require will depend upon your individual circumstances.
Altitude does not provide a work visa advisory service and it is strongly advised that you seek advice from the Australian embassy in your home country.
However Altitude may from time to time be able to offer VISA sponsorship options for rare skills.


Upon registering with us as an employee or subcontractor, we will send you a digital pack to confirm your engagement with us. This pack will include documents such as Superannuation and Bank Details form, as well as our agreements and electronic resources policy etc. You will need to return this pack back promptly to ensure that all details have been confirmed before your contract start date.
For Subcontractors, a different set of rules will apply.


Prior to your first day, you will receive a written and verbal briefing of your new assignment. In order to ensure you make the best first impression, we have listed a few simple etiquette tips:

  • Be punctual. If you are running late or are unable to get to work, please contact your consultants as soon as you can. They will alert the client and will find suitable cover.
  • Dress to impress. You should always be respectful of company dress code. If it is not clear the attire you should wear, please ask your consultant.
  • Unless stated otherwise, your mobile phone should be on silent. Personal calls should not be taken or made during work hours.
  • Introduce yourself and make sure you know who is authorised to sign your timesheet.
  • Ensure you are aware of any health and safety regulations and keep these in mind throughout your assignment.
  • Ask if there is a handover, if there is, please take notes and ask any questions necessary to ensure what is required of you is clear.