There are a multitude of ways to reward and retain employees and they are not always driven by money.

Seek recently asked Australian employees to identify the types of workplace benefits that would encourage them to stay within an organisation. A pay increase was not considered an option.

Yes, the top rated non-financial benefit according to Australians is having flexible working hours.
Extra Leave

A little over a third of Australian employees said that extra annual leave appealed to them. On top of this, one in five said they would like a day off for their birthday.

Monthly Rostered Day Off (RDO)
Nearly a quarter of Australians would like a monthly RDO. Seek also found that candidates who are monitoring the job market are significantly more likely to react positively to the offer of an RDO.
Training / Professional Development
A fifth of Australians said that professional development and training would be something that would appeal to them. The study found that men were less likely to expect training opportunities than women.
Work from Home
One in Five Australians want more work-from-home opportunities. Similarly to professional development, women were again more likely to find the idea of working from home appealing than men.
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